Good Vibes onLive

Short and inspiring videos to vibrate hearts, a quick and easy way to spread your action.

Originally, the Will for Change project aimed to bring a touch of happiness to our daily lives through simple gestures which, however, can have an incredible impact.

Today, the project is growing and also seeks to disseminate all actions or positive information via social networks (Instagram, Facebook group) as well as on the platform. To support this, a new video format has just emerged: Les Good Vibes onLive! A simple, fast and efficient way for everyone to spread their action in an impactful way.

What are the good vibes onlive?

Simple, fast and effective videos

The objective of these videos is to allow anyone wishing to highlight an action in this format to do so. As with the Will for Change, the importance is not the size of the action or the quantity, nor to highlight to shine. The goal is simply to inspire other people and show that change is possible! and video is one of the most effective means for that today!

The installation of these videos is very fast and requires no special skills. Just a few start-up precautions to have a correct quality and to avoid getting lost 🙂

How does it work?

Lights, camera, action!

The videos last approximately 1:30. The short duration aims to keep all the attention of the spectator while going directly to the heart of the subject. The format is identical for all videos and is divided into 3 questions:


A few words about you?

Your name, your age if you wish, what you do (profession, passion, association ...) where you live / are at the moment, possibility to describe briefly.

Your little favorite of the moment?

In the idea of broadcasting a really positive wave, something that you enjoy doing right now,
it can be thanks to all this particular period, and which will probably inspire others 🙂

How do you spread the love?

It can be both personally and within a structure. The reach can be social or environmental, touching a few people or a lot, whatever! The idea is always to inspire.

Send us also videos of where the action takes place, the people who participate (if they agree). If you want more information, you can check out our video guide.

I'm taking action!

Good Vibes onLive video sample

Are you looking for inspiration? Here are some videos that have highlighted beautiful projects.
Others will follow very soon, maybe yours!


Street art

Spreading love everywhere, for everyone.


Ladles of love

Feeding people in need in South Africa.

Myriam et Pierre

Wheeled World

Disabled world tour and adventure media accessible to all.


Un sourire à la fois

Netflix like platform to help struggling entrepreneurs.


Now you see me

Calendar for non-profit organizations with women from the world.


Les lettres perdues

Anonymous letters for isolated people.


La Fourmilière

Online french courses for migrants and refugees.


Avi’Sport Santé

Using sport as a complement to therapeutic treatments.


Le Saga

Taking struggling farmers to sea and coaching them.