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Will for Change

“The secret to change is to focus your energy on creating the new, not on fighting the old.”

With the growing individualization present in our societies, we have forgotten the most precious thing there is: we are all united by life that flows in each. But our fast way of living, our fears, our questions, detach us from people as close as our neighbors, and even … from our own person. A solution ? Obviously!
Do somersaults, offer hearts, laugh and make people smile, because joy makes life vibrate!

The approach

Give, the most beautiful
gesture of love

Will for Change is the desire to change our interactions, the will to reconnect the beings of this world by lightening this flame that lies dormant in each of us. A fun and joyful project which doesn’t want to be moralistic, but which simply offers the pleasure of happily surpassing oneself through a principle so simple that it is reproducible with children: giving.

Because giving a part of yourself, giving a bit of your time, offering things and especially to strangers, is the easiest way to bond. However, this is no longer really in our habits.

The concept

Change through joy

Changing our behavior requires action, no matter how small, and Will for Change triggers it through challenges: the Will for Challenge concept. Fun, short and surprising at the same time, they are proposed by the community and launched every Sun-Day ☀, creating real group dynamics and new habits!

We all know this beautiful butterfly effect, and when it comes to beautiful things it is no longer a wing flap but a real hurricane that spreads and penetrates hearts. This is how the human being is. Whether we like it or not, we cannot remain indifferent to a gesture of love. And this process is so extraordinary that it goes even further: when we receive, we then want to give in turn.

Discover Will for Challenge!

The more we love,
the more we live!

Du soleil dans leur cœur

I really fell in love with Will for Change when I first discovered it ❤. Smiles, lots of laughs, inspiration, and great positive actions carried out together, to create joy for yourself and around you. My daily sunshine ☀️.


The words fly away but the gestures from the heart amaze and light us. Wfc offers well being through its beautiful everyday actions, to bring together people who are too often scattered. Real crush, wfc rhymes with joy and sharing for a much better world.


Will for Change is my breath of fresh air, bond within the group and outside. It’s pure joy to see how people get surprised and amazed. Parents who thumbs up when they see me with their children drawing with chalk, picking up trash, or gifting a book on a bench.


For me Will for change is a guaranteed dose of positivity in my daily life! It feels good to know that together, with all these beautiful ideas, we can succeed in spreading happiness and Love! I even now make small daily gestures like attentions, smiles and small free gifts 🙂


I find these challenges really great. At the beginning, I did them a bit like that, to "participate" and now I look forward to them every Sunday, and do everything I can to achieve them.
Beyond the challenge itself, it pushes me to surpass myself from week to week and it's really cool to see the reaction of people. Congratulations to wfc who brought sunshine to my life.


If your heart is calling, I can only warmly invite you to open yourself to this space of possibilities, bright and sunny ... in a World where it is good to live there, and where you become co-creators to give Meaning to life, to living things and to the feeling of belonging.


For me it is the way to spread happiness through good actions. Thanks to Wfc I discovered a way to share it through a universal language which is music 🎶, but not just mine, everyone's and it becomes contagious! So come and share your happiness through great actions 😉


Who said the world of Carebears doesn't exist? It’s faaaalse! I found it here 😍 Simplicity, happy mood, kindness, love, sunbeams, smiles, stars in the eyes, humor ... a great cocktail that I like and that pushes me to do small gestures full of love for the others that I would not have dared alone!

La communauté

Tellement de Love
dans la place !

The project began in 2019 with actions in the streets, and has seen great development on social networks (Facebook and Instagram), particularly during the creation of the Facebook group during the first quarantine, in March 2020.

Filled with positive sharing of all kinds (good deeds, nature, fun, music …), the essence of the group is based on the participation of challenges proposed each week. Touching hearts, spreading smiles, the number of participants grows as well as the enthusiasm for the concept.

A few minutes to your time to surprise, delight and even change beliefs, you never know how far it can go!

Join the community!

Your sunshine! 

Your sunshine! 

Your sunshine! 

Your sunshine! 

Your sunshine! 

Your sunshine!