The Reverse Advent Calendar

A beautiful inclusive, human and meaningful project

After the success of the first operation launched by “Bulle inattendue” & Fanny Falgas in 2020, Will for Change will be taking the lead on this operation and extending it worldwide for 2021. More than 20.000 christmas boxes have been distributed to the poor in 2020! Let’s make it 40.000 this year?

Together everything is possible!

Our dream at Will for Change is to unite hearts. With everything going on right now, many of us are isolated and alone. We need more than ever to recreate bonds between us, nourish our fundamental human values of solidarity, inclusion, sharing, kindness, generosity and taking care of one another.

Christmas is the perfect time to light up our hearts. It’s a time of joy, togetherness, family and… gifts! Everybody deserves to feel loved and supported. Everybody deserves a Christmas gift.

Let’s make this Christmas a moment of joy, love and peace for all!

Find a collection point near you!

How to make my christmas box?

Choose a box

Take a card box, big enough to contain all your objects (24 according to the Advent Calendar)

If your gift is for homeless people, prefer a backpack to a box. 

Avoid bags as they are too fragile for collection, transportation and distribution

Fill your box

Everyday, or all at once if you prefer, place a useful object for poor people. Little things that do good to our body, stomach, heart and soul: hygiene products, clothes, food and drinks, books, toys, etc.

You can also write a little note to share your compassion and love

Put your heart into it

24 objects is just an indication, the idea is to put a it of everything

The goal is to offer a real christmas gift to someone in need and share with him/her through this gift some love and magic for Christmas.

Imagine what you would like to receive if you were in their shoes.

And of course, you can wrap your objects inside your box if you want, to create little gifts inside the big gift. 

Wrap your box

Unleash your creativity, and why not with your kids 😉 

The goal is to offer a real Christmas gift to someone in need and share with him/her through this gift some love and magic for Christmas.

It’s Christmas, so make your gift shine so it will lighten up the person who receives it.

Write who it is for

Write on your gift if it is for a man, a woman, a child (with gender and age).

If you put clothes in your box, you can indicate the size.

You can also make boxes for animals (and in this case write down which animal).

Bring your box

Bring you box in one of the collection points near you.

You have until December 17 to bring your box, so we have time to distribute them all for Christmas. You ll find hereunder a map with the current collection points.

You can also follow the whole operation on Facebook,it will be in French but you can use the Facebook translator.

Who is behind the

Youval TAYAR

Founder of Will for Change & Yourra! Happy Agency


Marjolaine GAILLY

Founder of Un sourire à la fois (One smile at a time) and Social Entrepreneur

Become a collection point

There’s no collection point near you and you want to engage in this operation?
Become an official collection point! 

Collection points are places (but first of all people!) who take care of collecting and distributing the Christmas gifts. Will for Change will support you in this journey by providing you communication materials, worldwide visibility and on-hand support to help you create the magic in your city/neighborhood.

Become a collection point!

Calendar FAQ

What is the Reverse Advent Calendar?

The Reverse Advent Calendar is a beautiful inclusive, human and meaningul project aiming at sharing Christmas love with people in need. From Dec 1 to 17, you fill a card box each day with a useful object (clothes, non-perishable food/drinkgs, hygiene products, toys, etc.), wrap your box with nice Christmas decorations and bring your gift to a collection point near you. You can even do distribute your gift yourself, it will be even more magical!

How to participate in the operation?

You want to participate? Awesome!! There are many ways to engage: make your own Christmas gift boxes, become a collection point for your city/neighborhood, share the operation on your social media.

How to find a collection point near me?

This year, a whole new interactive map has been set with all collection points worldwide! You can find it here. If there no collection point near you, you can also become one 😉

There is no collection near me. What can I do?

Why not become a collection point for your city/neighborhood? This operation is by people for people, all based on voluntary and non-profit engagement. The more we engage, the more collection points we have, the more associations we can help, and the more people will receive gifts! In 2020, it’s more than 20.000 gifts distributed thanks to hundreds of citizens like you and me who engaged as collection point. Let’s try 40.000 in 2021?

How to propose a new collection point?

Super easy! Just go to our website and fill in the form to add a collection point. Don’t forgot to post a happy picture of you! Remember it’s a human to human initiative.

Which associations will benefit from all the gifts?

There are so many and it depends on the country and city. Some associations are even collection points! If you want to follow the whole operation, you can subscribe to our official Facebook page.

How to register a new distribution point?

The local non-profit organizations (distribution points) are listed on each Local Coordinator page and are managed by them. They are responsible for centralizing and coordinating the operation for the entire city. These Local Coordinators are the link between citizens, collection points and local beneficiaries. If you wish to propose a new beneficiary non-profit organization, we invite you to contact one of the Local Coordinator in your city.

Is it possible to come get the gifts at my home?

Unfortunately not but you can still call the closest collection point and ask them if they do pickups.

What can we put in boxes?

Useful objects, in good state, non perishable, non fragile. We listed higher some ideas, but please unleash your creativity and will to give. Imagine the person to whom you will offer your gift. What do you want to give him/her? You can also write a little note or card to share your love. It’s Christmas after all! Don’t forget to write on your box for whom it is (adult/child/man/woman/age). More info above.

I don't have wrapping paper. Can you wrap the gifts for me?

Maybe your neighbors, friends or family can help you with this? Why not organize a dinner party where you all prepare and wrap Christmas boxes all together?

I would like to launch the operation in my company. How can I do?

We invite you to contact the Local Coordinator of your region, he will be able to help you organize the operation. In any case, already 1,000 thanks for your commitment!

I'm interested into becoming a Local Coordinator but I'm afraid of the time and energy it will take. Can we talk about it?

Of course! Send us an email at and we will contact you to organize a call.

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