Let’s share


Because we love to offer beautiful things and distribute them around us, here are little gifts for you or to distribute around you to help the community grow!

Sun on your phone

What about having your favorite positive phrase on your phone? Fill out the form to receive your wallpaper!

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    Suns distributor

    Spread joy by hanging this distributor in your building, at your office, in a shop … A simple way to light up a day! Click on the button to download it then print it on a slightly thick paper preferably.

    Roger's recipes

    After offering cakes in my street during the Will for Challenge “Dear Neighbors”, Marinette, 90, really thankful, told me that her husband Roger (95) was a former cook and pastry chef, and that she would give me some of his recipes.

    About a week later, she dropped off around sixty hand-typed recipes at my place. Roger kept them preciously to create a cookbook one day. Very touched, I made this cookbook for them that I now want to share with you!

    Wishing you to cook with love.


    Big thanks to Patricia for making these wonderful Will For Change cards. Handmade, they were then digitized so that they could be printed and distributed everywhere! Mailboxes, windshields, in person … (my personal little game is to make people choose in the street by telling them that this is their message for the day, they love it!). Your turn now !

    The more we love, the more we live!

    The home made quote from Will for Change, “The more we love, the more we live!” on a pretty heart to cut and distribute without moderation. You can also hang it in your building or offer it to shops by telling them about the concept and the magic it spreads ☀️. By experience, traders receive the project very well. The easier option can also be to leave it with your friends after your favorite evenings!