Hello, the great team of the inverted Advent Calendar Local Coordinators!

My turn to introduce myself to you!
I am Marjolaine, Youval’s partner.
I am Belgian (sorryyyy). A fervent follower of the Shoebox operation in Belgium (the equivalent of our operation in France), having myself been a collection point and distributor for 2 years just before COVID.

I have remained in the shadows until now, the time to reorganize my professional activities and make room for the 2 months of madness that are coming!
So here I am! Hot potato as they say at home to launch and support this great operation!

So get ready, it will be a long email with a lot of important points. I number them so that we don’t get lost. There are 5. Here we go!

  1. The Local Coordinators meeting. This whole operation and the philosophy of Will for Change revolves around creating bonds, opening hearts and uniting. And it starts with us! For those who wish, we will organize every Sunday at 6 p.m., from October 31 to December 18, a video aperitif of 30 to 60 minutes, to connect, to communicate the progress and important things to you, to answer your questions, to share our good plans and good ideas with all, and above all to celebrate and enjoy together.
    Here is the connection link, which will always be the same:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 843 4706 7836

Passcode: 970719

  1. To contact us. We have created a common and centralized email address for all emails. To reach us, it will now be at this address:

You can also subscribe to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/willforchange) to follow the news of the operation and join our Facebook group to directly follow the shares of participants and members of the community Will for Change, and also see all the operations we do outside of the Calendar operation (https://www.facebook.com/groups/353686305536398). You’ll see, it’s a good atmosphere. We can’t wait to see your hearts!

  1. The website is almost finished. Youval is working with a developer to create this magnificent interactive map of France that will show all collection points. Everything should be ready by the end of the month. In any case, the Local Coordinators sections are ready and waiting for you!
    We have created a fundraising fund to finance the developer’s work and thanks to which we have already raised € 770 of the € 2000.
    It won’t be enough to pay for it, but we are already so grateful for all the donations received.
    If you want to participate or if you want to share it, here is the link:


I’ll let you see for yourself where we are in the website.
The operation: https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/the-operation/?lang=en
Local Coordinators (already 12 confirmed wouhouuuu we love you thank you!): https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/all-local-coordinators/?lang=en

And then the section that concerns you directly is your registration as a Local Coordinator, in order to be able to communicate your contact information, transmit your collection points and associations for your region.


On this page, you can create your Local Coordinator account (note this is one account per person; if you are several Local Coordinators for the same region, you can notify us by email at calendrier@willforchange.fr). After registration, you access your personal account in which you will find:

  • A form to enter your different collection points
  • A form to introduce your associations
  • A “General communications” section with all the communications we send (like this super long email that risks getting lost in the meanders of our mailboxes).Everything in one place! Magic no?
  1. The famous communication pack! The long awaited. Here is the communication pack you have been waiting for. Visuals, posters, presentations to talk about this operation. To consume and share without moderation. And don’t hesitate to mention and tag Will for Change so that we can also re-share on our social networks.

https://we.tl/t-tCiUCMUW73 (this is a file to download, with 8 documents)

  1. Communication on social media. We are preparing various content to share on social media. Among these contents, there are videos in which we would like to integrate testimonials from Local Coordinators (to find new Local Coordinators, among other things). If some of you feel called to give us a short video testimony (in vertical format and answering the questions: Who are you? Which region? Why did you start the operation as a Local Coordinator? What did you like? that it brought you personally?), it will be just so so good !!!
    We are also looking for photos and videos of last year’s operation, to be able to create capsules for the general public and complete the website (especially your Local Coordinator page). If you have this in store, you can send everything to us at calendrier@willforchange.fr (mentioning your region).

There you go, oufti, we got there.
That’s a lot of information. I agree with that. You’re probably going to have to reread this email 5 times, like us, haha.
It will obviously be more fun in aperitif chat mode on Sunday evenings.
Of course for those who cannot join us, we will regularly send you a small inventory (which you will also find in the General Communications section of your account).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate: calendrier@willforchange.fr

Looking forward to meeting you “for real”!
Marjolaine & Youval

PS: Just to get into the challenge mood, how many times have you clicked on a link in this email?