Hello Local Coordinators dreamteam!

We hope the sun is in your hearts!

More and more of you are joining us! That’s wonderful ! Thank you very much for this enthusiasm!

We are gradually updating the website, with all the new referents, collection points and associations. Go see, it’s great to see the scale that the project takes little by little.

Referents by city:

>> https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/all-local-coordinators/?lang=en

It’s time to add your collection points and associations so that we can create them on your interactive maps present on your Local Coordinator page, as well as on the global interactive map finally ready !! (Visible here: https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/all-collection-points/?lang=en)

To access it, please connect to your Local Coordinator page:
>> https://willforchange.fr/login/?lang=en

If you haven’t created your account yet, please go this way:
>> https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/become-a-local-coordinator/?lang=en

For former Local Coordinators whose pages have already been created, you can access your account with your email and the password 123soleil_

See you later for our first ZOOM meeting at 6 p.m. (every Sunday until the end of the operation). This is obviously optional. It’s just an opportunity to meet other than by email.

Here are the links:

Join Zoom Meeting
>> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84347067836?pwd=M0dNdkdUT3BDK0FzTHNBSmN6dmJJQT09

Meeting ID: 843 4706 7836
Passcode: 970719

We have also created a private Facebook group for Local Coordinators to be able to share your photos with us throughout the operation (which we will then relay on Will for Change), and to share more between us, ask questions, good ideas, etc.

Here is the link to join:

>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/631884081306972/?ref=share

We will be doing an information session on the whole operation live on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel on Wednesday November 3rd at 12 noon. This will give general information and answer any questions we have already received.

Here is the event if you want to participate and/or share in your networks.
>> https://www.facebook.com/events/468630781130415

In terms of communication, in addition to the communication pack available in your Local Coordinator account, there is also 1 general Facebook post and 1 Facebook event, which both contain all the information. This will make it easier to share all the details in your networks:

– General post:
>> https://www.facebook.com/143533206132500/posts/1233657577120052/

– Event:
>> https://fb.me/e/3X2nTkUrd

We put the communication pack in public mode so that everyone can download and share all the visuals. We have also added Instagram visuals and stories format.
>> https://willforchange.fr/reverse-advent-calendar/pack-communication/?lang=en

Finally, Youval has relaunched some of you for some missing information for the profiles, do not hesitate to come back to him.

Also for those who have not yet sent it, we would need a “Funky Christmas” photo alone or in a group, in fun mode to put the smile on because it feels good! It can also be a photo of one from last year! In vertical format preferably of good quality because it appears large in your profile (when you click on your photo).

Here we go! That’s all for today (and that’s a lot of new hahaha)!

Looking forward to meeting you later or live Wednesday or in the Facebook group.

Have a nice weekend!